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I am trying the Real World OCaml book. It talks about installing OPAM, then OCaml and Jane Street Core. I got utop loaded properly per the book instructions so that it automatically loads Core.

Without Core, I can run a generic OCaml script simply by ocaml script.ml without compiling. But this doesn't work if the script uses Core. What's the right command if I want to run a Core based OCaml script without compiling?

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Running a script that depends on additional libraries requires you to tell the compiler where to find the libraries. Your best option is to use ocamlscript, which you can also install with OPAM. Just do opam install ocamlscript. Then read about ocamlscript here. Here's a working example:

$ cat a.ml
#! /usr/bin/env ocamlscript
Ocaml.ocamlflags := ["-thread"];
Ocaml.packs := [ "core" ]
open Core.Std

let () = print_endline "hello"

Make sure a.ml has the executable bit set. Then run it:

$ ./a.ml

As a bonus, ocamlscript also compiles to native code, so you get high performance scripts.

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I tried ocamlscript, but got the error: "Cannot find file topfind." And the $OCAML_TOPLEVEL_PATH is already set. Do you know how to fix this? Btw, I installed the ocamlscript with opam 1.1.0, and my .ocamlinit is like this:gist.github.com/seckcoder/8234822 –  Wei Li Jan 3 at 8:36
That is strange. The .ocamlinit file is only loaded by the interactive toploop. OCamlscript doesn't load it, so I don't see why topfind is being searched for. Did you try exactly the example I provided? Also see my answer here[1]. [1] stackoverflow.com/questions/20765452/… –  Ashish Agarwal Jan 3 at 13:59
Isn't OCamlscript just a wrapper around the OCaml toplevel runtime system? I have always thought OCamlscript will surely load .ocamlinit. Without using topfind, how could it open the other libraries like Core.Std? I'm not familiar with its implementation, so maybe I'm wrong. I've also asked a similar question here:stackoverflow.com/questions/20900465/… . –  Wei Li Jan 3 at 15:11
@WeiLi No, ocamlscript doesn't use the toplevel. You tell it, in the header of your script, what libraries you need to use. It then invokes the ocaml compiler with the appropriate flags. –  Ashish Agarwal Mar 18 at 19:08

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