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<center><h14>for typing help<a href="help.html"> click here</a></h14></center>

<td valign="top"><center>

//in this line I want to use addEvent instead of onkeyup

<textarea id="ta_in" rows="7" cols="42" onkeyup="get_ml()"></textarea>


<textarea id="ta_out" rows=7" cols="42"></textarea></center>

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You can learn about event handling here: – Felix Kling Nov 22 '13 at 5:31
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function get_ml(){

var el = document.getElementById('ta_in'); 

if (typeof el.addEventListener != "undefined") {
    el.addEventListener("keyup", function(evt) {
    }, false);
} else if (typeof el.attachEvent != "undefined") { //incase you support IE8
    el.attachEvent("onkeyup", function(evt) {
<textarea id="ta_in" rows="7" cols="42" onkeyup="get_ml()"></textarea>

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