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First, im a beginner in FFMPEG so please bear with me.

I found an interesting project here. I was trying to build it using ./build.sh but it always said ./configure: No such file or directory.

This is the build.sh file :


# set the base path to your Android NDK (or export NDK to environment)

if [[ "x$NDK_BASE" == "x" ]]; then
    echo "No NDK_BASE set, using $NDK_BASE"

NDK_UNAME=`uname -s | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'` # Convert Linux -> linux


./configure \
--arch=arm \
--target-os=linux \
--enable-runtime-cpudetect \
--enable-pic \
--disable-shared \
--enable-static \
--cross-prefix=$NDK_TOOLCHAIN_BASE/bin/$NDK_ABI-linux-androideabi- \
--sysroot="$NDK_SYSROOT" \
--extra-cflags="-march=armv6" \
--extra-ldflags="" \
--enable-ffmpeg \
--disable-ffplay \
--disable-ffprobe \
--disable-ffserver \
--disable-network \

The only thing i changed in this file is the NDK_BASE. I dont change any file after i cloned this project from git hub, so basically it should be working fine.

Please help me, Thanks for your help :D

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do you find the way then please post here,i also need it to build ffmpeg with same way –  Sameer Z. Nov 28 '13 at 4:34
@SameerZ. You should build the static FFMPEG from guardian project, or get it at this link : github.com/guardianproject/android-ffmpeg/downloads Then, just copy and run the static FFMPEG file from above to the android-ffmpeg-cmdline project, no need to build anything again :D –  Blaze Tama Nov 28 '13 at 5:41
but i need to add other codec so need to build it,i have tried but it show me of patch error then i can not continue –  Sameer Z. Nov 28 '13 at 5:45
Sorry i dont understand more than what i tell you earlier :( By the way, i also need a little help here. Do you able to use filtering like "-vf" in guardian project? I successfully combine video & audio, but i cant use the filtering. FFMPEG is a though one :D –  Blaze Tama Nov 28 '13 at 5:47
ok,thank you,i will post here once done. –  Sameer Z. Nov 28 '13 at 5:51

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