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I'm compiling a .c program using gcc compiler on linux,

But , i received the error shown as "error: lvalue required as left operand of assignment"

The error is due to the line of code as shown below


May I know how to debug this problem ?

They are declared in the structure as

 struct fields{ 
     void* b;   
     struct sockaddr *s;
     socklen_t *ssize;


 int saddr_size;
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Your code is nonsensical. Try

saddr_size = (int)(*data2.ssize);

But ... why is saddr_size declared int? Try

socklen_t saddr_size;
saddr_size = *data2.ssize;

I also wonder why ssize is a pointer, rather that the size itself.

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The left value you have cast it to a socklen_t * pointer type, however the right value is socklen_t type, so this error is printed. I have the same question as Jim Balter, you should make sure the socklen_t type can be expressed by int. I mean if int is 32 bytes, would socklen_t be more than 32 bytes? You should declare saddr_size socklen_t type

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try changing it like


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Not a good idea ... that's undefined behavior if socklen_t isn't a typedef for int, and will in practice will crash of they aren't the same size. –  Jim Balter Nov 22 '13 at 6:48

In C, an lvalue is a "left" value, which means a token to which it is valid to assign a value. So the compiler is telling you that the token on the left side of an assignment expression is not valid.

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No, it's saying that the expression on the left side is not assignable (there are 5 tokens on the left side here) ... and you haven't said how to fix it. –  Jim Balter Nov 22 '13 at 6:49

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