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I am getting this error after every 1-2 mins when i open the eclipse editor.I downloaded new eclipse still i get the same error with the new eclipse installed.This has been very frustating.Does any 1 have any knowledge about it.I am using eclipse Junoenter image description here.Following is the Error that i get

![Conflicting handlers for org.eclipse.ui.edit.redo: {ActionHandler(org.eclipse.ui.operations.RedoActionHandler@2bdf75d8)} vs {ActionHandler(org.eclipse.ui.operations.RedoActionHandler@5bb1ce68)}
Conflicting handlers for org.eclipse.ui.edit.redo: {ActionHandler(org.eclipse.ui.operations.RedoActionHandler@2bdf75d8)} vs {ActionHandler(org.eclipse.ui.operations.RedoActionHandler@5bb1ce68)}
Conflicting handlers for org.eclipse.ui.edit.undo: {ActionHandler(org.eclipse.ui.operations.UndoActionHandler@30f41af6)} vs {ActionHandler(org.eclipse.ui.operations.UndoActionHandler@2eb9eee9)}][2]
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Make sure that your files are not duplicated within src and other folders – Viswanath Lekshmanan Nov 22 '13 at 7:10
@Arju,I have downloaded new Eclipse and made a different Workspace.Just created a sample Hello World example.But I still get the same Error. – Joyson Nov 22 '13 at 7:27

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someone had the same bug.

some package caused his problem

or try here:

and i read somewhere else it is a mismatch with 32bit and 64bit versions

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I am running 1 instance of eclipse also its 64 bit version. – Joyson Nov 22 '13 at 7:47

Actually it's an eclipse bug

Bug tracking eclipse

You can also find a post in stackoverflow itself Post

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After so long this issue finally got resolved.Nothing much just scanned my system with an Antivirus.May be some virus issue that caused eclipse behave weird.

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I followed the instructions from the 1st answer in this entry, and was able to solve this issue of mine.

Hope it helps.

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In my case it was caused by "AMD Gaming Evolved", quit the program and the problem went away. So if someone gets this error - try quitting some programs, maybe there is a conflict.

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After you close the antivirus software and ad blocking software will be solved You can try it. close the antivirus software and ad blocking software, maybe be solved

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I have tried various methods, for me, the problem is related to ATI video card related driver, upon removal of the ATI Catalyst, updated WindowBuilder, the problem went away. I hope this helps.

I am running on Win7, 64-bit version with dual monitors.

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