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in Javascript, one can use apply to move arguments in bulk from one function to another? how is this done in Dart?

to use a mismatch of Dart and Javascript:

  Object proxy( <any number and type of arguments> ) {
    if( feelGood ) return goodFunc.apply( arguments );
    else return badFunc.apply( arguments );

in Dart, how does one

  • specify any number and type of arguments?

  • apply the arguments from one function to another?

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You can use Function.apply :

main() {
  final l = [];
  Function.apply(l.add, ['v1']);
  print(l);  // display "[v1]"

Dart does not support varargs on method but you can simulate them with noSuchMethod (see Creating function with variable number of arguments or parameters in Dart)

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good going - but does seem an awfully round about solution to a pretty simple problem. I vote for Dart having "..." in the arguments and let the programmer deal with it. –  cc young Nov 22 '13 at 8:44

You can't create a function that takes any number of arguments in Dart. For that, you have to fall back on noSuchMethod. To call a function with a dynamic list of arguments, you can use Function.apply.


class _MyProxy implements Function {
  const _MyProxy();
  noSuchMethod(InvocationMirror m) {
    if (m.memberName != #call) return super.noSuchMethod(m);
    return Function.apply(feelGood ? goodFunc : badFunc, m.positionalArguments, m.namedArguments);
const Function proxy = const _MyProxy();

This class captures invalid calls using noSuchMethod. It acts as a function by intercepting the "call" method. It then works as your proxy method intends by forwarding the arguments to either goodFunc or badFunc using Function.apply.

You can then write:

proxy(<any number and type of argument>);

and have it call either goodFunc or badFunc with those exact arguments.

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