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Toolkit class has two methods ,createImage and getImage .

They return an Image .What is the difference between the two and when to use which one?

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possible answer here… – user2860053 Nov 22 '13 at 8:49
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Image createImage(URL url)<br/>
Image getImage(URL url)<br/>

These two methods from the Toolkit class
are similar.
createImage() leaves you the full control over the created image, which means you have to be carefull you don't call it too often for the same image, or else you're going to slow your application and consume too much memory,
whereas using getImage() many calls for the same image won't result in a high memory consumption and time lost fetching the image on the remote URL. When you use getImage() you rely on the Toolkit that will deal with the caching.

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You have the answer in the Toolkit documentation: Create Image


The main difference is, one returns the image in the URL, the other creates and returns it...

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