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I basically want just to listen for 'onbeforeunload' to make sure the user won't receive 'connection lost' error messages from my ajax calls. i therefore registered an event and simply set a variable to true that i know to not bother the user with further error messages:

window.onBeforeUnload.listen((BeforeUnloadEvent e){
  isUnloading = true;

in Dartium this works, after running dart2js i get a javascript alert with 'false': enter image description here

according to related questions, to set the text I would have to set e.returnValue = 'Prompt'; - but what should i do if I do NOT want to show any dialog? - according to the MDN the prompt is shown for every non-void return value.. but how can i set returnValue to void? (null is not working) - is this a bug, or am i doing it wrong? (dart sdk

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It's an issue: – ENDOH takanao Mar 31 '14 at 8:23

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There seems to be no way to prevent this dialog in Chrome if you subscribe to onBeforeUnload. You can try the onPageHide event (works in Chrome, may not work in other browsers).

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