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How to get line number of specific line in history revisions?

For example, I have

revision 123: line 77: doSomething()

in current version(revision 123) of code file.

I want do know WHERE was this line in previous version of code. For the previous line of code, I want get its line information in revision 121

revision 121: line 71: doSomething()

How to do this in svn(and in git)?

---To be more specific---

My purpose is get history of revisionNo-lineNo of some code, build some function to satisfy query like:

Where is Line 77 in Rev.123 of XXX.java in Rev.121=>Line 71.

Where is Line 123(new in r123) in Rev.123 of XXX.java in Rev.121=>New

Where is Line 9999(not exist in r123) in Rev.123 of XXX.java in Rev.121=>NotExist

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If your purpose is to find which commit/revision has introduced a change, you can use git blame or svn blame commands. –  burper Nov 22 '13 at 9:42

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I do not think svn and git have this builtin, but you can use a tool like grep to find out.

In svn (where ${reva} and ${revb} are the revisions and ${file} is the file):

$ svn cat -r ${reva} ${file} | grep -n doSomething
19:void doSomething()

$ svn cat -r ${revb} ${file} | grep -n doSomething
49:void doSomething()

In git:

$ git show ${reva}:${file} | grep -n doSomething
19:void doSomething()

$ git show ${revb}:${file} | grep -n doSomething
49:void doSomething()
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