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I'm trying to query an object and when I hard code the value it works but when I use a variable for it the query doesn't work.

Here's the class:

class AdvertisementType(models.Model):
    type = models.CharField(max_length='40')
    description = models.CharField(max_length='80')

    def __unicode__(self):
        return '%s' % self.type

Here's the query:

self.type_ad = AdvertisementType.objects.get(type=type_of_ad)

As an example, there is an AdvertisementType where the type="Inner Page"

When I use this statement:

self.type_ad = AdvertisementType.objects.get(type="Inner Page")

Everything works fine but if I do

self.type_ad = AdvertisementType.objects.get(type=type_of_ad)

I get the error

Caught an exception while rendering: AdvertisementType matching query does not exist. 

even when type_of_ad = "Inner Page"

Any ideas?

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I figured it out. The problem is when I called

tag_name, number, type_ad = token.split_contents()

I forgot that type_ad gets the "" from the template tag.

When I chagned

self.type_ad = AdvertisementType.objects.get(type=type_of_ad)


self.type_ad = AdvertisementType.objects.get(type=type_of_ad[1:-1])

everything worked

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