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I have a fairly standard situation: Click a button, it loads a transition page with a progress bar or something, and then that page redirects to the next page, which takes a while to load.

I want to run assertions on the final page, not the transition page. How do I tell Selenium IDE to wait till the final page loads before performing the assertions?

Thank you.

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A simple approach would be wait for some "particular" text on that final page, see "waitForText" command for further info on it

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sweet. One thing I did was add a setTimeout target=XXXX (in ms) command before the waitForText, and that cut down the time it waited when the assertion wasn't met. Thanks a lot, John. –  marc esher Jan 8 '10 at 13:24

You could call wait_for_page twice in a row. The first waits for the redirect, the second for the final page.

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