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I am using a multiselect element from select2 to enter multiple "tags". When I want to get the value from the element I get something like this (for tag1 en tag2 which I entered in the box):


How do I get the result from text in an array something like this:

[0] = "tag1"
[1] = "tag2"

And how do I reverse this process?

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Try this simple iteration.

var obj = [{"id":"tag1","text":"tag1"},{"id":"tag2","text":"tag2"}] ;

for (var i =0; i< obj.length ;i++) {
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Here's another approach

[{"id":"tag1","text":"tag1"},{"id":"tag2","text":"tag2"}].map(function(el) {
 return el.id;
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+1 Using map(), nice approach which returns those id to an array. –  Praveen Nov 22 '13 at 10:26
Sure is, if it's supported ;) –  iccthedral Nov 22 '13 at 10:26
var data = JSON.parse('[{"id":"tag1","text":"tag1"},{"id":"tag2","text":"tag2"}] ');

Try this will help you

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