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So I wrote my 2 structs in a file:

struct _Variable {
    char *variableName;
    char *arrayOfElements;
    int32_t address;
typedef struct _Variable Variable;

struct _VariableVector {
    int size; // elements full in array
    int capacity; // total available elements
    Variable *variables;
typedef struct _VariableVector VariableVector;

and I also implemented a init method for each:

Variable* initVariable(char *variableName, char *arrayOfElements,
        int32_t address) {
    Variable* initializedVariable = malloc(sizeof(Variable));
    if (initializedVariable != NULL ) {
        initializedVariable->variableName = variableName;
        initializedVariable->arrayOfElements = arrayOfElements;
        initializedVariable->address = address;
        return initializedVariable;
    } else {
        return NULL ;

VariableVector* initVariableVector() {
    VariableVector* initializedVariableVector = malloc(
    if (initializedVariableVector != NULL ) {
        initializedVariableVector->size = 0;
        initializedVariableVector->capacity = VECTOR_INITIAL_CAPACITY;
        initializedVariableVector->variables = malloc(
                sizeof(Variable) * VECTOR_INITIAL_CAPACITY);
        return initializedVariableVector;
    } else {
        return NULL ;

now I would like to write a freeVariable(Variable* variable) method and a freeVariableVector(VariableVector* variableVector) method. But I don't know how?

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What's the difference with stackoverflow.com/questions/20143630/… ? –  Kiril Kirov Nov 22 '13 at 11:34
Now that i know I was doing it wrong I have no idea how to write the free functions –  Quinn Liu Nov 22 '13 at 11:35
For your own sake, I recommend writing shorter names! initializedVariableVector is very hard to read and the meaning of var_vec as a local variable in a 5 line functions is equally clear, but is much easier to read! –  Shahbaz Nov 22 '13 at 11:44

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Just call free on the pointer you want to free. As answered in your other nearly identical question.

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