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I want to put line in my .vimrc file so that it will fold the /* ... */ like comments on autostart with *.java files.

So far I have came up with this but it does not want to work (although the command works in vim)

autocmd BufReadPre,BufReadPost,FileReadPre,FileReadPost *.java execute ":normal :%g/\/\*/normal! zf%"
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  • The :global command already is an Ex command; there's no need for :normal (which is for stuff like j, zf, /). This should work:
:autocmd BufReadPre,BufReadPost,FileReadPre,FileReadPost *.java %g/\/\*/normal! zf%
  • You probably don't need to run this both before and after reading a file.
  • Vim can already detect the filetype; why duplicate the file pattern for Java files?! Better use the FileType event:
:autocmd FileType java %g/\/\*/normal! zf%
  • Based on your previous question, it looks like you want to set up elaborate manual folding. That's rather unusual, and I would recommend against it. Java has built-in folding based on syntax highlighting (though not for comment blocks, but you can grab that from syntax/c.vim); you enable it via
:setlocal foldmethod=syntax

If you really need custom folding, :help fold-expr is the way to go.

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I was trying to get my head around syntax/c.vim but it's a little to much hassle for me. –  Patryk Nov 22 '13 at 16:51

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