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I have setup an array of product values. I need to set each array key to the data-attribute and the value to the data-attribute value

<li data-name="product1" data-price="49.99" data-rating="4.5"></li>

So in Wordpress I have this filter hook

function product_data_sorting( $product_attrs, $product, $terms) {
    global $post;

    // Product Attributes
    $product_attrs['name']  = $post->post_name;
    $product_attrs['price']     = $product->price;
    $product_attrs['rating']    = $product->get_average_rating();
    $product_attrs['newness']   = $post->post_modified;

    // Product Categories
    foreach ($terms as $term) {
        $categories[]  = $term->slug;
    $product_attrs['categories'] = $categories;

    foreach ($product_attrs as $attribute) {
        if ( is_array($attribute) ) {
            //This is a category
        else {
            $results[] = 'data-' . $key . '="' . '$attribute' . '"';
    return $results
add_filter( 'add_sorting', 'product_data_sorting', 10, 3 );

I am getting all the correct data pushed in to the $product_attrs array that I need, but not sure how to work with the array key and values so that in the $results array it would be formatted like this:

$results = (data-name="product1", data-price="49.99", data-rating="4.5");

Hope that makes some sense


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You would need key=>value pair within foreach.

$ignored = array ('newness'); // array to maintain what attributes you want to ignore

     foreach ($product_attrs as $key => $attribute) {
            if ( is_array($attribute) ) {
                //This is a category
            else {
               if(!inarray($key, $ignored) 
                  $results[] = 'data-' . $key . '="' . $attribute . '"';

Also note that $attribute isn't enlcosed in single quotes as you have in the question. Variables inside single quote can not be parsed

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