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There is a hardware project going on. A hardware accelerator has been being developed by a team of students but there is no general documentation.
There are READMEs here and there, some docxs and in-code (Verilog, C and Lua) comments, but nothing else. The code is written with Vim, versioned with Git and Markdown is our friend, even if we are not on Github (yet).
Since this “thing” is growing, I feel the necessity of writing down something (user manual? developer notes?) but I don't know where to start.


When someone feels the urge of documenting his project, where does it start?
More specifically, what are the generally accepted criteria to do it and what are the best tools?

My hypothetical answer

We quite clearly need both a developer and user manual. One with details of the algorithmic solutions, the other... like for monkeys.
About the tools, I believe that something like a Github Wiki would work fine, but (1) we are not on Github and (2) wouldn't be LaTeX a better way of writing stuff in order to publicise it, eventually. I know we can get our Markdown rendered in a printable way with http://www.cocowrite.com/, but is it the most efficient solution? LaTeX would be a nuisance for collaborative editing and online HTML publishing.

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