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Below is a code snippet from a bigger piece of code I am working on, I am getting this error continuously as i try to reference the array in the function @$instanceObjectEnrichment[0]

my @providerCloudEnrichment=("Core","Gen-i WAN Services","Physical Provider Connectivity","TEMPLATE");

sub createAndEnrichInstance {

        my ($creationClassName,$session,$instanceObjectString,$instanceObjectEnrichment)=@_;
        my $instanceObject=$session->object($instanceObjectString);
        print("i am here  ".@$instanceObjectEnrichment[0]."\n");
        if($creationClassName eq 'ProviderCloud'){
                $instanceObject->put(Model =>"@$instanceObjectEnrichment[0]",Vendor =>"@$instanceObjectEnrichment[1]",Description =>"@$instanceObjectEnrichment[2]",Certification => "@$instanceObjectEnrichment[3]");
        elsif($creationClassName eq 'Interface'){
                $instanceObject->put(Model =>@$instanceObjectEnrichment[0],Vendor =>@$instanceObjectEnrichment[1],Description=>@$instanceObjectEnrichment[2],DisplayName=>@$instanceObjectEnrichment[3],DeviceID=>@$instanceObjectEnrichment[4]);
        else {
                print ("Incorrect Class");


Can't use string ("Core") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" in use at createUserDefinedConnections.pl line 149, <$udf> line 326.
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You should pass it as an array reference:




is equivalent to:

createAndEnrichInstance($parentClass,$session,$object,"Core","Gen-i WAN Services","Physical Provider Connectivity","TEMPLATE")

Also, since it's an array reference, you can change


to be:

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perfect !!!! thanks a lot –  learner Nov 22 '13 at 13:50

Pass a reference to the array, or create an anomymous array and pass a reference to it.

See the live demo.

#!/usr/bin/env perl

use strict;
use warnings;

print "First approach: Pass a reference to the array",
  " using the backslash operator:\n";
my @words = ("Practical", "Extraction and", "Reporting", "Language");

print "\nSecond approach: Pass a reference to an anonymous array:\n";
my $words_ref = ["Practical", "Extraction and", "Reporting", "Language"];

sub print_words {
    my ($words_ref) = @_;
    for (0 .. $#$words_ref) {
        print "$_. ", $words_ref->[$_], "\n";

Expected Output:

First approach: Pass a reference to the array using the backslash operator:
0. Practical
1. Extraction and
2. Reporting
3. Language

Second approach: Pass a reference to an anonymous array:
0. Practical
1. Extraction and
2. Reporting
3. Language
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