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I try to run my project on Raspberry Pi. Using the instructions at:

I have set up a kit for the Raspberry with the proper Qt version, compiler and debugger. I am however not able to run my project as the “play” button is greyed out with the message “Don’t know what to run”. When I look under the “Run” tab in the “Build & Run” option it says “Remote path not set” as shown in the screen dump below. How do I set this????

enter image description here

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Found out that I needed to add the following to each .pro file which are needed: target.path = /home/pi/path/to/my/executable INSTALLS += target

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Sometimes changes in *.pro files won't take effect until Qt Creator is restarted. Maybe this is the case.

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What worked for me:

(Under the line TARGET = [name of target executable])

target.files = [name of target executable]
target.path = [remote device path i.e. /home/user]
INSTALLS = target

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