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Does anybody know a PDF library that can display PDF document via viewer inside Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application? The library should have a PDF page viewer that can display the file.

The PDF viewer should be able to open the file at specific bookmark destination. So the possible API for the library should accept parameters like filename and bookmark destination. I found something that does most of the work - PDFReaderControls.NET However the problem is that you can navigate to a bookmark on page level. I want to be able to navigate to the exact bookmark destination (for example if it is in the middle of the page).

Once the document is open users should be able to navigate to another bookmark.

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If you have installed Adobe Reader, you can add a COM reference to the PDf viewer ActiveX control in VisualStudio and use it inside a WindowsFormsHost control.

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Once i was looking for a similar Control. There is a nice article on Codeproject on how to achieve you this. The Viewer control can easily adapted to WPF, or you can use forms interop to use it as is. Other approach as Rafa said, you can use PDFviewer control. But using this, your application will rely on the mercy of Acrobat reader.

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