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I want to show photos grouped by date. It works, but only with two queries and without pagination. Is there a way to do it with only one query, with laravels paginate() ? I need the last 5 days (only those that have pictures), and then always 5 days per page.

The problem is, that i want to paginate the days, not the pictures.

    $days = Pic::select(DB::raw('DATE(created_at) as datum'))

$daysarray = array();
foreach($days as $day)
   $pics = Pic::where(DB::raw('DATE(created_at)'),'=',$day->datum)

   $daysarray[$day->datum] = $pics;
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I believe you will have to live with two queries in order to paginate the dates. The following should work for that bit.

$days = Pic::select(DB::raw('DATE(created_at) as datum'))
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It gave me a wrong number of pages. (too many) I had to replace ->distinct() by groupBy('datum'). Now it works. –  hnes Nov 22 '13 at 15:59

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