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I have a model BusinessLog:

class BusinessLog < ActiveRecord::Base
  include BusinessLogging
  default_scope { where(business_id: Business.current.id) }

it performs operations in a default scope and includes a concern BusinessLog:

class BusinessLog < ActiveRecord::Base
  module BusinessLogging
    extend ActiveSupport::Concern

    module ClassMethods
      def log!(options)
        create! business_id: options[:business_id], user_id: options[:user_id], action: options[:action]

this log! method was being called by a sidekiq worker. Eventually I discovered I couldn't log for several business because of BusinessLog default scope. So I removed the BusinessLog default scope, but it was somehow stuck.

Whenever I tried to perform operations through the module (eg: BusinessLog.log!(options)), it was still working with a default scope (even thought I already removed it). But when I performed operations in the model itself (eg: BusinessLog.create!(options)), it was working as expected, without the -already gone- default scope.

I tried a lot of things to make it work, but only one thing worked: Renamed the module and everything worked perfectly again.

It's worth saying that this just happened on my production environment.

Has anyone been through this? Should I post it as an issue on github? How could I give more information about this -bug-? I'm using Rails 4.0.1 and ruby 2.0.0

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Have you restarted your server after making this change? –  BroiSatse Nov 22 '13 at 14:53
Did you restart your Sidekiq workers? If not, they may still be running with references to the old code base. –  AndyV Nov 22 '13 at 15:34
Yes, I did restart everything again, even the server, because this made no sense to me. Thanks for answering –  macool Nov 25 '13 at 16:18

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