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I've got a python function that should loop through a tuple of coordinates and print their contents:

def do(coordList):
    for element in coordList:
        print element

When y is run through the function, it outputs (5,5) and (4,4), the desired result. However, running x through the function outputs 5 and 5.

Is there a way to force x to be defined as a tuple within a tuple, and if not, what is the easiest way to resolve this problem?

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Use a trailing comma for singleton tuples.

x = ((5, 5),)
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(x) is an expression (x,) is a singleton tuple.

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This is an old and infuriating quirk of python syntax. You have to include a trailing comma to make Python see a tuple:

x = ((5,5),)
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You need to add a comma after your first tuple. ((5,5),) should work.

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Simply add a comma:

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