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lftp won't run even when I call the same literal command in java that works through console.

String command="-e \"cd "+ftpDir+";get "+filename+";exit;\"";

ProcessBuilder procBuilder = new ProcessBuilder("lftp",address,command);
procBuilder.directory(new File("/home/usr"));
Process lftp =procBuilder.start();

Output(with replaced names):

"Unknown command `cd ftpDir; get filename;exit;'".

Second approach:

Runtime run = Runtime.getRuntime();
Process lftp=run.exec("lftp +"address+" -e \"cd "+ftpDir+";get "+filename+"\"");


Process hangs on lftp.waitFor();

When I copypaste to console - works like a charm.


Ok, I just need to do like that :

ProcessBuilder procBuilder = new ProcessBuilder("lftp",address,"-e",command);

ProcessBuilder takes care of the quation marks.

Related question: ProcessBuilder not behaving properly with multiple arguments

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