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Can someone help me with a rewrite rule for nginx?

Using nginx+php+slim I am looking to create a web service with a large library which I would like to break up:


I need clean urls:


My problem is my Slim ws must have settings that do not allow it to be moved easily: get(/ws/services/hello/:, function() { ....

I am looking for an easier way so that my web services set up as: get(/hello/:name, function() { ....

Can someone help me with a rewrite rule for nginx. I guess I'd rather add a new rewrite rule to nginx that have to update all my web services in the future if I change the installed directory.


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If I understand your question correctly, you should be able to solve your problem with Slim's Route Groups without the need for rewriting in nginx. For example:

$app->group('/ws/services', function () use ($app) {
    $app->get('/hello/:name', function () {});

You'll be able to access the Hello route like /ws/services/hello/bob.

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