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I am trying to create a service for tomcat on Ubuntu 12.10 using upstart.

So, i created a tomcat.conf file in /etc/init

description "Tomcat Server"

start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [!2345]
respawn limit 10 5

# run as non privileged user 
# add user with this command:
## adduser --system --ingroup www-data --home /opt/apache-tomcat apache-tomcat
# Ubuntu 12.04: (use 'exec sudo -u apache-tomcat' when using 10.04)
setuid tomcat
setgid tomcat

pre-start script
    . /etc/default/tomcat
end script

exec $CATALINA_HOME/bin/ run

# cleanup temp directory after stop
post-stop script
    rm -rf $CATALINA_HOME/temp/*
end script

The /etc/default/tomcat file contains env variables, which i need to set before starting the service.

However, sourcing the file has no effect. When I source the /etc/default/tomcat file form command line, it works fine. But when I include it in the script, it has no effect.

What could be wrong?

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You'll probably need to do export each of the environment variables piecemeal. Something like this:

    . /etc/default/tomcat
    export CATALINA_HOME
    exec $CATALINA_HOME/bin/ run
end script

should result in CATALINA_HOME being available to the file.

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Nested scripts in upstart (e.g. pre-start) inherit the environment set in the enclosing file, but any changes made within the nested script will have no effect on the enclosing script's envrionment.

Source: (see the long example near the end of that section)

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