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I have an Eclipse plugin, that among other things, can create a project and give it several classpath entries. This in and of itself works fine.

These jars do not have source included in the, however there is a URL that can be used for Javadoc. I want to set this up programmatically for these classpath entries that the plug-in creates. This is what I'm doing:

  IClasspathEntry cpEntry;

  File[] jarFile = installFilePath.listFiles();

  IPath jarFilePath;
  for (int fileCount = 0; fileCount < jarFile.length; fileCount++)
      jarFilePath = new Path(jarFile[fileCount].getAbsolutePath());
      cpEntry = JavaCore.newLibraryEntry(jarFilePath, null, null);

I could not figure out how to set the JavaDoc URL location on a claspath entry. This can be done in the Eclipse UI - for instance, if you right-click the project, go to Properties... -> Java Build Path, and expand one of the JAR entries and edit the "Javadoc Location", you can specify a URL. How do I do this from within a plug-in?

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yakir's answer is correct, but it's better to use the public factory method JavaCore.newClasspathAttribute() rather than directly constructing ClasspathAttribute (which is Eclipse private API). For example:

File javadocDir = new File("/your/path/to/javadoc");
IClasspathAttribute atts[] = new IClasspathAttribute[] {
    JavaCore.newClasspathAttribute("javadoc_location", javadocDir.toURI().toString()),
IClasspathEntry cpEntry = JavaCore.newLibraryEntry(libraryPath, null, null, null, atts, false);
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You can also replace JavaCore.newClasspathAttribute("javadoc_location", ... with JavaCore.newClasspathAttribute(IClasspathAttribute.JAVADOC_LOCATION_ATTRIBUTE_N‌​AME, ... –  joeymink Sep 19 '13 at 13:51

I use the following:

        Path   pth = new Path( MY_JARFILE_LOCATION );
        Path   pthd = new Path( MY_JAVADOC_LOCATION );
        ClasspathAttribute att = new ClasspathAttribute("javadoc_location", "file:" + pthd.toOSString());
        IClasspathAttribute[] atts = new IClasspathAttribute[] { att };
        IClasspathEntry cpISDI = JavaCore.newLibraryEntry(pth, null, null, null, atts, false);
        cpEntries.add(1, cpISDI);

(edited formatting)

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