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I'm trying to run a unit test on a controller that has a view that uses a view helper. My invokable is set up in my helper config as so:

return [
    'invokables' => [
        'viewHelper' => 'Theme\View\Helper\ViewHelper',

In my unit test, I have a number of services mocked in the setUp().


namespace Blargle\Controller;

class ActivityControllerTest extends AbstractZendHttpControllerTestCase
     * Someone set up us the bomb.
    public function setUp()

        $mockActivityRepository = $this->getMock('Domain\Repository\Blargle\ActivityRepositoryInterface');
        $this->serviceManager->setService('Blargle\ActivityRepository', $mockActivityRepository);

     * Test Add Action
    public function testAddAction()
        $this->createIdentity(); //Sets up the logged in user.



        $mvcEvent = $this->getApplication()->getMvcEvent();
        $viewModel = $mvcEvent->getResult();

        $this->assertInstanceOf('Zend\View\Model\ViewModel', $viewModel);
        $this->assertEquals($viewModel->getTemplate(), 'blargle/activity/add');

So, I now need to mock the invokable that gets loaded by the view, but the service manager that the view relies on is tied to the view. I've tried:

$mockHelper = $this->getMock('Theme\View\Helper\ViewHelper');
$this->serviceManager->setService('viewHelper', $mockHelper);

This is fruitless since this now lives in the controller service manager, while a peer one seems to be spawned with the view. The view unfortunately creates a new instance of the service before it goes out and looks at its peers for an instance.

So, with that, any ideas on how to effectively mock this?

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You could mock a service manager to return a mock service, and call setServiceManager($your_mock_service_manager) on your object? – STLMikey Nov 26 '13 at 19:41

Just be sure to mock the helper before dispatching your request :)

public function testMethod()
      * mock of your invokable class
    $mock = ...;

    $sm = $this->getApplicationServiceLocator();
    $sm->setService('viewHelper', $mock);

    // your invokable is now mocked
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