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I18n provided a convenient way to translate model names. Take the example from Rails Guide

I18n.backend.store_translations :en, inbox: {
  one: 'one message',
  other: '%{count} messages'
I18n.translate :inbox, count: 2
# => '2 messages'

I18n.translate :inbox, count: 1
# => 'one message'

This is good enough if I want to show "one message", "2 messages", and etc.

But what if I also want to show "Message" (for example, in the menu)? Do I have to create another totally different entry in the I18n files? Is there some Rails way to do this? like:

 I18n.backend.store_translations :en, inbox: {
      title: 'Message'
      zero: 'no messages'
      one: 'one message',
      other: '%{count} messages'
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I had a look at the source for titleize and I don't think it's possible; titleize doesn't appear to consult I18n before it does its thing. –  tristanm Dec 16 '13 at 2:20

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Check out titleize for making it look like a title, and pluralize for making it pluralize.

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Thanks for pointing to this, but I don't think titleize and pluralize are internationalization capable. They only work for English, isn't it? –  Innerpeacer Nov 22 '13 at 22:26

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