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I have a model Profile


class Model_Profile extends Model_Table {
public $table = 'profile';

function init(){


    $m = $this->add('filestore/Field_Image');

Now in my index.php, i am trying to set the full image path in the template.

$m = $this->add('Model_Profile')->loadBy('user_id',$this->api->auth->get('id'));

//Here i want to var_dump the full image path example (/admin/upload/0/20131123014011__photo-on-23-11-2013-at-01.36.jpg)

This displays me the image id from the table filestore_file.

die('Filestore image:' . $m->get('filestore_field_image'));

Discussion related to this topic: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/agile-toolkit-devel/i-i9OK4Ya1A

I tried this

$fm = $this->add('filestore/Field_Image')->load($m->get('filestore_field_image'));

but it threw an exception

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I figured out, its like this:

$m = $this->add('Model_Profile')->loadBy('user_id',$this->api->auth->get('id'));

$mf = $this->add('filestore/Model_File');
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