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I need a set up Apache, PHP, and Java (JSP) on my home computer for homework assignments in one of my programming classes. Our professor gave us instructions for setting up a localhost Tomcat server but I'm not a big fan of it and I was looking for alternatives. Are there any other server environments that I can use?

I'm using Windows but if you know of something for another OS please list it for others.

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Try XAMPP, its control panel makes it very easy to work with. – nullability Jul 28 '14 at 21:33
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You don't need to download the Apache HTTP server to run Apache Tomcat applications, you can download Tomcat here. There's a simple all-in-one PHP Web Server called QuickPHP here.

Hope that helps, good luck with your project!

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What OS are you on?

I'm not clear that this is exactly what you want, but what I would do is download MAMP or WAMP (depending on your OS; free), which are super simple to set up. Then you could install Eclipse (also free) which will run the java for you.

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