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I have a snippet of code in my jQuery:

<li> Speed MPH: ' + val.speed_mph + '</li>\

which is pulled from a JSON endpoint and displays as such in the browser:

Speed MPH: 7.671862999999999

How would I go about limiting the amount of characters in the output? I have tried adding to the string:


Obviously this is not working. Would I need to create a variable? I have tried this but not too sure how to go about displaying it afterwards.

Many thanks!

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If you just want to show x many decimals, you shouldn't be using substring (as it's a little unclear, especially once you hit numbers > 9). Instead you should use something like toPrecision:

var speed = 7.632234;

Note that this sets the TOTAL number of characters (which may be what you want). If you want digits after the decimal, then you should use toFixed like Alex Kinnee suggests.

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Cool! I did not know about toPrecision(). – Alex Kinnee Nov 23 '13 at 4:09
@AlexKinnee Yeah, it matches more closely the substring call, but I imagine toFixed is more common and may actually be what is needed. – Igor Nov 23 '13 at 4:10

Assuming val.speed_mph is a number and not a string, you can use parseFloat, along with JavaScript's Math functions, to format this number.

parseFloat(Math.round(num3 * 100) / 100).toFixed(2); will give you 2 decimal places.

If your value is not a number, but is a string, parseFloat() converts your stringto a number. toFixed(2) makes it 2 decimal places.

Math.round() rounds your number instead of just chopping it off.

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