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I am trying to covnert a byte array to a string, all i need is to simply convert the number in byteArray to string Foreg. "12459865..."

I am trying to do this with this:

fileInString = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(fileInBytes, 0, fileInBytes.Length);

fileInBytes looks like this: 1212549878563212450045.... But resultant fileInString looks like this ID3\0\0\0\0JTENC\0\0\0@\0\0WXXX\0... and alot of weird cahracters.

I tried different Encoding styles including default but all insert some weired characters into it.

The only option i have is to loop and cast each member into the string

while (currbyte != -1)
    currbyte = fileStream.ReadByte();
    //fileInBytes[i++] = (byte)currbyte;
    fileInString += currbyte.ToString();
    progressBar1.Value = i++;

But this is TOO slow. Please tell me how can i convert by byte array into string using Encoding.....GetString

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How do you get your bytes like this 1212549878563212450045? could you separate it to each byte? such as 12|12|54|98 ... or 1|2||1|2|5|4|9|8...? –  King King Nov 23 '13 at 14:40
i have updated my question to explain how i made the fileInBytes array its basically one like here fileInBytes[i++] = (byte)currbyte; –  Maven Nov 23 '13 at 14:42
It's slow maybe partly because of your progressBar1.Value = i++;, any UI updating related code will slow everything down, you should update the progressbar in a larger interval of time to reduce this or even in some case we don't even need any exact info on the current process, just some working notification is enough. –  King King Nov 23 '13 at 15:05
Go with the answer from Tim S. but fileInString += is slow as string is immutable. If you going down the path should use StringBuilder. And why would you have a progress bar on an operation that should only take a fraction of a second? –  Blam Nov 23 '13 at 15:23

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If you want to encode a byte[] as a string, base64 encoding with Convert's ToBase64String and FromBase64String methods is a good way to do this:

string fileInString = Convert.ToBase64String(fileInBytes);
byte[] asBytesAgain = Convert.FromBase64String(fileInString);

Your encoding using fileInString += currbyte.ToString(); appears to be an ambiguous base 10 encoding. E.g. from what I can tell, the arrays with values { 1, 10, 255 } and { 110, 255 } would be encoded the same: "110255", and so cannot be unambiguously changed back into a byte[].

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yours works just fine. :) Thanks –  Maven Nov 23 '13 at 15:21

There is no encoding that can achieve what you want.

You need to loop through the bytes as you do. To make it faster, use a StringBuilder and don't update the ProgressBar too often:

var builder = new StringBuilder();

for (var i = 0; i < fileStream.Length; i++)

    if (i % 1000 == 0) //update the ProgressBar every 1000 bytes for example
        progressBar.Value = i;

var result = builder.ToString();
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Well, since you are referring to a byte ARRAY, fileInBytes really can't look like '1212549878563212450045', but rather like this:

     [0]: 1
     [1]: 2


If that is indeed the case you should be able fileInString using StringBuilder as follows:

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
foreach (var b in fileInBytes)
fileInString = sb.ToString();
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