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I've got a for loop that calls a weather api 27 times (27 different coordinates).

var input = {
            query: coords[1] + ',' + coords[0] ,
            format: 'JSON',
            fx: ''
var url = _PremiumApiBaseURL + "marine.ashx?q=" + input.query + "&format=" + input.format + "&fx=" + input.fx + "&key=" + _PremiumApiKey;    
request(url,function (err, resp, body){
            body = JSON.parse(body);

The returned body is string type. The thing is that when doing the JSON.parse sometimes i get the error shown below and sometimes not. Sometimes it does 3 ok and then throws the error, sometimes 7, sometimes just 1 or sometimes does the 27 ok and throws no error. I can't see where is the problem as the 27 returned data objects are always the same.

SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
    at Object.parse (native)
    at Request._callback (/Users/nofunat88/Documents/test/nodejs-express-ajax-test/borrar_final.js:111:29)
    at Request.self.callback (/Users/nofunat88/Documents/test/nodejs-express-ajax-test/node_modules/request/request.js:129:22)
    at Request.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:98:17)
    at Request.<anonymous> (/Users/nofunat88/Documents/test/nodejs-express-ajax-test/node_modules/request/request.js:873:14)
    at Request.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:117:20)
    at IncomingMessage.<anonymous> (/Users/nofunat88/Documents/test/nodejs-express-ajax-test/node_modules/request/request.js:824:12)
    at IncomingMessage.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:117:20)
    at _stream_readable.js:920:16
    at process._tickCallback (node.js:415:13)


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Hey Aitor, I am facing the same error, but having error check not solving this problem. I don't know how its intermittent.do you have any other solution ? –  Kishorevarma Feb 6 '14 at 5:51
Sorry, i solved that way, maybe you should open your own thread... –  Egidi Feb 6 '14 at 14:42

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You shall check if error occurred during the request, and then - parse the body.

request(url,function (err, resp, body){
                if (err) {
                } else {
                    body = JSON.parse(body); 
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i don't really understand why but after adding the check for errors it doesn't show any syntax errors anymore! –  Egidi Nov 23 '13 at 15:33

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