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I'm trying to create a macro for __declspec(naked) functions, but I keep getting the following errors:

'sub' identifier is reserved word
'mov' identifier is reserved word
inline assembler syntax error in 'first operand'; found'register'

Here is my macro:

#define NAKED_START __asm{push ebp\
                      mov ebp, esp\
                      sub esp, __LOCAL_SIZE\

Do I really have to use this:

#define NAKED_START __asm{push ebp}\
                    __asm{mov ebp, esp}\
                    __asm{sub esp, __LOCAL_SIZE}
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The \ at end of line gets converted to a space and the newline disappears. I suspect the assembler doesn't like being given three instructions on one line. Is ";" legal to separate the instructions? – Alan Stokes Nov 23 '13 at 16:32
No, ';' is not working either. – user3025332 Nov 23 '13 at 16:38

Try getting rid of the braces and putting __asm before each instruction. That way the compiler can tell where each instruction starts.

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