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Here is the situation:

US company, with all EU clients at this time (due to needing US approval that they are seeking).

What is the best way to take USD and convert to EU with Paypal?

Is there anyway to take an estimated weight and use Paypal to calculate shipping based on the country the buyer is from?

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PayPal have a new api that lets you get their current fx rates.


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There isn't any sort of API that will show the Client the conversion rate. However the paypal SOAP specification allows you to specify the type of currency that is being paid with


PayPal-Supported Transactional Currencies The following currencies are supported by PayPal for use in transactions. Table 1.7

PayPal-Supported Currencies and Currency Codes for Transactions ISO-4217 Code

Currency AUD

Australian Dollar CAD

Canadian Dollar CHF

Swiss Franc CZK

Czech Koruna DKK

Danish Krone EUR

Euro GBP

Pound Sterling HKD

Hong Kong Dollar HUF

Hungarian Forint JPY

Japanese Yen NOK

Norwegian Krone NZD

New Zealand Dollar PLN

Polish Zloty SEK

Swedish Krona SGD

Singapore Dollar USD

U.S. Dollar Paypal doesnt have an API to calculate shipping either, you would need to create your own webservice that calculates the shipping cost, and interface that webservice with the paypal Instant Update API in order to provide your customers with shipping costs


About the Instant Update API

The Instant Update API is a server call to your web service that provides an instant update to the PayPal review page. It enables you to specify a URL for PayPal to call your web service with the buyer’s shipping address, so you can provide the buyer with more detailed shipping, insurance, and tax information. Note:

The Instant Update API enhances the Express Checkout flow from the shopping cart page.

The Instant Update API works as follows:

1.As the buyer logs in to PayPal, the PayPal server calls a URL to your web service with the buyer’s default shipping address as stored in the PayPal system.

2.Your callback server responds with the available shipping options for that address, along with any insurance options and tax adjustments on the order.

3.PayPal displays this information on the Review page so buyers can choose from the options.

4.The buyer’s final choices are returned in the GetExpressCheckoutDetails response.

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@Aaron - Awesome answer, thank you so much for this! –  JT. Jan 6 '10 at 22:49

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