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I'm trying to use OS X Server Xcode service integration.

In OS X Server, I'm sure to switch Xcode Service ON.

In Xcode Preference, Account tab, I select + and choose Add Server. I can see my Server appear in the list box. Then I fill the username and password, click Add, but the error "The Xcode service is disabled on this server" appear !!!

The Xcode service is disabled on this server.

Someone hints that I should use IP address instead of selecting the Server name when adding Server. This works, but I then have many problems when adding remote repository or creating bots. Either Xcode asks for certificate, or shows "Server is offline", or crashes (crashes frequently!), ... I think they all relate to the previous Adding Server process.

So how to deal with this ?

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I'm seeing the same thing and I'm wondering if it's because the server and the client are on two separate subnets and/or not visible to each other via Bonjour. I have an Xcode server at home that works fine with Xcode as a client when I'm at home. However, I can't VPN to work and successfully use the Xcode server there. I believe it's subnets ... I wish we had more configurability, but maybe there is via serveradmin on the command-line. – Greg Combs Dec 21 '13 at 20:09
@GregCombs Hi, I have my OSX Server and Xcode on the same computer – onmyway133 Dec 23 '13 at 2:03
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Via the OS X Server app, click "Xcode" in the left sidebar and then make sure the Xcode "service" has been turned on via the slider at the top right:

Enable Xcode Service

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