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I am brand new to subversion and have been told that this is the best thing since sliced bread. I have tried google and I am just drawing blanks on what is wrong and have tried multiple different suggestions. I get the following error

The Location information has been specified incorrectly.

svn: Propfind of '/svn': 405 Method not allowed (http://IPADDRESS) with IPADDRESS being the IP of my server.

I get this when I try to log in through Zend Studio. I use the following to try to login url http://IPADDRESS/svn/ username: fakeuser password: fakepassword

I believe that the issue is around this file because of the error "Location Information has been specified incorrectly". This file is included in the httpd.conf file. I have restarted apache and there are not errors when restarting apache.

<Location /project1>
   DAV svn
   SVNPath /home/jhughes/project1
   AuthzSVNAccessFile /home/jhughes/.svn-policy-file
   AuthName "SVN Repositories"
   AuthType Basic
   AuthUserFile /home/jhughes/.svn-auth-file
   Satisfy Any
   Require valid-user

I have spent a few hours on this and cannot get it. So any help is appreciated and I will for sure give someone the point.

I am not using a proxy server. I am using the IP address of the server because I have multiple domains on the server and thought this may be an issue.

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are you using a proxy server between your client and the server? –  Sander Rijken Jan 6 '10 at 22:39
No I am not using a proxy. I am using the ipaddress of the server. I do have multiple websites on this server, so I think I have to use the ip address for that reason. –  Joe Jan 6 '10 at 22:40
the snippet looks very similar to an apache config - is it? –  Joshua McKinnon Jan 6 '10 at 22:48
Yes, the snippet is in the apache config (through an include). The apache file does restart properly and has been restarted. It is included on the last line of the httpd.conf –  Joe Jan 6 '10 at 22:50

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I think your URL is partly to blame - try something more along the lines of


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I tried this. I get the same 405 error. I tried it with /svn/project1/ and just /svn/ just in case. –  Joe Jan 6 '10 at 23:31

This is probably more a question for ServerFault but here's my take on it:

Problem 1. Location needs to be "/project1" not just "project1" .. that's probably the source of your Location error. You can look in Apache's logs for things like this (possibly /etc/httpd/logs/error_log but it depends on your OS and settings)

Possible problem: I've never seen an SVN repository setup in a user folder. Most likely you need to look at the settings for SVN itself and make sure the SVNPath in Apache matches it. Usually its something like /svn. Again it might be setup that way, just something I've never seen.

What you've been told is true. SVN rocks though setting it up through DAV is not usually for the faint of heart. Does ZendStudio support connecting to SVN through SSH? That's far easier to get going.

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There is a tab on the zend studio svn respository called ssh. It states the port is set to 22 and has password checked. Other then that not much else. Also I have the location set to /project1. <Location /project1> DAV svn SVNPath /home/jhughes/project1 AuthzSVNAccessFile /home/jhughes/.svn-policy-file AuthName "SVN Repositories" AuthType Basic AuthUserFile /home/jhughes/.svn-auth-file Satisfy Any Require valid-user </Location> I tried again and don't see much in the way of help in the error log –  Joe Jan 6 '10 at 23:03

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