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I need to use a Greek letter with dynamic subscript in rplot main title. If I use expression and paste, as I did in the 'main' statement in the code below, then the value of the subscripts wont appear as a number but as a letter. I can use paste only to get the value of the subscript, see the 'sub' statement in the code below, but in this case, Greek letters wont be appear!!

Any idea..


#  Generating Random Variables

#  Exponential(1)

inv.cdf=function(n, lambda){

for(j in 1:length(nu)){
for (i in 1:10000){
  y[i,j]=2*sum(inv.cdf(nu[j], 1))

par(mfrow = c(3, 2))
for(j in 1:6){
hist(y[,j], freq=F, main=expression(paste('Histogram of Generated ',chi[2*nu[j]], ' Data')), sub= paste('Degrees of Freedom = ', nu[j]), xlab=expression(paste('Generated ' ,chi^2 ,' Data')))
curve(dchisq(x, df=2*nu[j]),add=T, col=2, lwd=2)
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I think you are looking for substitute which allows you to substitute certain value in the expression (j in your case) with any value you like. So, if you use this:

        expression(paste('Histogram of Generated ',chi[2*nu[j]], ' Data')),

in your hist function, it will work.

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Great! I did some changes and it works perfectly.. –  Mike Nov 24 '13 at 3:13

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