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I'm trying to set up Windows SDK for DirectX11 but having a bit of trouble. I'm on Windows7 with Visual Studio 2012.

The error I'm getting is:

1>TRACKER : error TRK0005: Failed to locate: "fxc.exe". The system cannot find the file specified.

So I assume it isn't locating the SDK correctly (I think it's an HLSL error). So far in my project directories I have:

Include directories: $(WindowsSDK_IncludePath)
Library directories: $(WindowsSDK_LibraryPath_x86)
Library WinRT directories: $(WindowsSDK_MetadataPath)

I've checked where these macros go, and they go to the right place:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\etc...

which is where I installed it, however the error I wrote above is still showing up.

I'm stumped as to what to do next, could anybody help?

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It is located in C:\Program Files(x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\bin\x86\fxc.exe, first check if it is there.

The VS setting that matters is Project + Properties, VC++ Directories, Executable Directories. It normally includes $(WindowsSDK_ExecutablePath_x86) so should never have a problem locating the file.

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Thanks, my executable directories wasn't inherited from defaults! Is there a way to get rid of the DirectX10 directories from the defaults? Both SDKs are inheriting and pulling up redefinition warnings which is getting a bit frustrating. Thanks again –  Matt Nov 24 '13 at 2:34
I don't know what's wrong with your setup. –  Hans Passant Nov 24 '13 at 9:55

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