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I have a set of points stored in a giant string, with newline characters \n separating one point from the next. Each point is stored as x y z r g b, where r g b are values ranging from 0-255.

According to the ThreeJS docs, it is possible to do this:

var color = new THREE.Color("rgb(255,0,0)");

However, my points still show up as all white in my ThreeJS viewer. What am I doing wrong? Code is as follows:

var cloud = data.split('\n');

for (var i=0; i<cloud.length; i++) {
    var colour = 'rgb(' + pt[3] + ',' + pt[4] + ',' + pt[5] + ')';
    model.vertices.push( new THREE.Vector3(x, y, z) );
    colours.push( new THREE.Color(colour) );
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How do you get data pt[3] to pt[5]? –  Anto Jurković Nov 24 '13 at 7:37

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I realised what my mistake was: I forgot to parse points 3 to 5 as floats.

This fixed it:

var colour = 'rgb(' + parseFloat(pt[3]) + ',' + parseFloat(pt[4]) + ',' + parseFloat(pt[5]) + ')';
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