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There are no errors thrown in the code, so I can only assume either the events aren't getting triggered or they aren't getting added properly. Can anyone determine what the issue is here?Code below. Fiddle here.

$('#fake-body').append('init<br />');
var scriptTag,
scriptsLoaded = 0,
scripts = ['//netdna.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.0.2/js/bootstrap.min.js', '//codeorigin.jquery.com/ui/1.9.2/jquery-ui.min.js'],
scriptLoadedCallback = function(val) {
  $('#fake-body').append('callback called for '+val+' | scriptsloaded = '+scriptsloaded+' & length = '+scripts.length+'<br />');
  if(scriptsLoaded === scripts.length) {
    $('#fake-body').append('all loaded');

$.each(scripts, function(index, value) {
  $('#fake-body').append('preparing '+value+'<br />');
  scriptTag = document.createElement('script');
  scriptTag.type = 'text/javascript';
  scriptTag.src = value;
  if(typeof scriptTag.addEventListener !== 'undefined') {
    $('#fake-body').append('add event for good browsers<br />');
    scriptTag.addEventListener('load', (function() {
    }), false);
  } else {
    $('#fake-body').append('add event for the other one<br />');
    scriptTag.attachEvent('onreadystatechange', function() {
      if(scriptTag.readyState === 'loaded') {
  $('#fake-body').append('appending script<br />');

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use plain Javascript to load javascript files rather than jquery(because jquery won't fire the load callback in your current code), so replace :




or if you insist to use jquery, you have to respect the following statements order (or use getScript):

scriptTag.src = scriptUrl;


you have another error by referencing scriptsloaded rather than scriptsLoaded in the callback.

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Can't believe I didn't see this!? But I guess this is what I get for writing code at 3am... :P Thanks! –  ocergynohtna Nov 24 '13 at 16:27

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