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how do I extract 12byte chunks from a binary file at certain positions within the file.

If I wanted to extract the first 12 bytes I could do something like

head -c12 file.bin>output

If I wanted to extract 12 bytes from byte61 I could do something like

head -c72 file.bin|tail -c12 >output

Is there a simpler way if I have something like 20 12byte chunks I need to extract


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Use dd:

dd bs=1 seek=60 count=12 if=file.bin of=output

You can write a shell loop to substitute the numbers.

You could also consider using awk, Perl or Python, if there's a lot of them to do or it needs to be really fast.

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On Linux with coreutils 8.13 it is skip instead of iseek: dd bs=1 skip=60 count=12 if=file.bin of=output –  Ludwig Weinzierl May 19 '12 at 8:01
+1 Great =) Things are so simple in Unix & Linux –  Viet Oct 25 '12 at 6:02

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