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HTML example:

<div data-style-top="20%">Hi, I'm not so high right now.</div>

Here, I want the div with 'data-style-top' attribute which is set to '20%' to have a css property of top:20%; If the attribute value was 50% then top property should have the value '50%'.

Any ways to achieve this? Like:

div[data-style-top]:before {
 top: content(attr(data-style-top));

Sorry if I couldn't explain properly. I suck at explaining.

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cannot with only css, with jquery $('[data-style-top]').data('style-top') – Jonathan de M. Nov 24 '13 at 9:13
Do you want it to work for all data-style-XXX attributes? So like if it had data-style-width="40px", it would also recognize that? It's also possible with jQuery, though a bit more difficult than just top. – Dan Goodspeed Nov 24 '13 at 9:20
TIL using attr() value for another property than content is part of a CSS3 module (for now) but is unsupported (for now). Source: MDN (edit: comment in bugzilla says it should work in IE9+. Can't test this today) – FelipeAls Nov 24 '13 at 9:20
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Beware! Browser support might be bad.

In CSS Values and Units Module Level 3 (which is currently a Candidate Recommendation), the syntax for attr() would be:

div[data-style-top] {
  top: attr(data-style-top %);

You could also provide a fallback value, if the data-style-top attribute doesn’t have a value:

div[data-style-top] {
  top: attr(data-style-top %, 10);
  • data-style-top is the HTML attribute to be used
  • % is the CSS type/unit to be used
  • 10 is the fallback (= 10%)

Note that attr() is "at-risk and may be dropped during the CR period".

This week a new CR (2013-11-21) was published, which, for whatever reason, is not yet public, aside from the Editor’s Draft namespace. attr() is still included, but again listed as "at-risk".

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Another solution here :

Fiddle :

$(document).ready(function() {
    alert('before : ' + $("*[data-style-top]").attr("data-style-top")); // for demo : 20%
    alert('after : ' + $("*[data-style-top]").attr("data-style-top")); // for demo : 50%


Variant with a for each and a specific id :

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