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i have a data table which im trying to add search function based on date but i cant get the result here is my code:

<form action="search.php" id="searchform" method="POST" class="searchbox-container">
<input type="text" id="searchbox" placeholder="Search" name="searchbox" class="searchbox" />
    <input type="datetime-local" name="date">
    <select name="select" id="select">
    <option value="type">Type</option>
    <option value="name">Name</option>
    <input type="submit" name="search" class="searchbox-btn" value="Go" />



connection here


        $sqlcommand="SELECT * FROM eventform WHERE event_type LIKE '%$search%'";    

        $sqlcommand="SELECT * FROM eventform WHERE event_name LIKE '%$search%'";        

        else {
              $sqlcommand="SELECT * FROM eventform WHERE start_date LIKE '$date'";  

          or die("Error Getting Data");


                  echo "<table border=2 bordercolor=#440000 cellpadding=2 bgcolor=#DDDDDD width=100%>";
            echo "<tr bgcolor=#555555 style=font-size:18px align=center><th>Event Code</th><th>Event Name</th><th>Event Type</th><th>Event Level</th><th>Start Date</th>
      <th>End Date</th><th>Point</th><th>Picture</th><th>Video</th><th>Description</th></tr>";
            echo "<tr align=center><td>";
              echo $row['event_code'];

              echo "</td><td>";
              echo $row['event_name'];
              echo "</td><td>";

              echo $row['event_type'];
              echo "</td><td>";

              echo $row['event_level'];
              echo "</td><td>";

              echo $row['start_date'];
              echo "</td><td>";

              echo $row['end_date'];
              echo "</td><td>";

              echo $row['points'];
              echo "</td><td>";

              echo $row['pic'];
              echo "</td><td>";

              echo $row['video'];
              echo "</td><td>";

              echo $row['description'];
              echo "</td></tr>";

  echo "</table>";

i get the result when i search based on the type and name of events but when i want to search based on date and time it just doesnt work.

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What's the format of your date field, is timestamp ? For timestamp, do:

$sqlcommand="SELECT * FROM eventform WHERE start_date > '".$date."' ORDER BY start_date DESC";

OR date yy-mm-dd format, just:

$sqlcommand="SELECT * FROM eventform WHERE start_date = '".$date."' ORDER BY start_date DESC";
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in database its datatime-local ,, in here i tried both date and datetime-local ,, still not filtering my table – Shane Nov 24 '13 at 11:01

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