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i have XCODE project that implement speech recognition (OpenEars sdk). i am wrapping this class for UNITY3D. OpenEars gives me this folder that i must add to the project :

enter image description here

i have added the folder manually to the auto generated xcode project unity had build for me. but now i want to know how can i tell unity to add this Framework folder automatically to my project.

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We're doing this using a post-build script. We have a .cs file that resides under Assets/Editor (though I'm not sure that's a strict requirement). It has a static class with a method that is decorated with a [PostProcessBuild] attribute. From within that method we call a Python script that uses mod_pbxproj to modify the resulting .pbxproj file to include our framework, but perhaps there are also libraries in C# that can work with it (it's standard XML AFAIK).

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