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I have a standard form generated using Rails form_for and the accept-charset is present. However the browser never converts the uploaded files (non UTF-8) to UTF-8.

How to let users upload a file with an arbitrary encoding and the Rails server detect and convert it to UTF-8?

If I know the encoding I would easily read it using the force_encoding function then use File.encode "utf-8", but how to detect the encoding in the first place?

This is how I move the uploaded file to its final destination:

require 'securerandom'
filename = Rails.root.join(uploads_dir, "#{SecureRandom.hex}_#{uploaded_io.original_filename}").to_s
File.open(filename, 'wb') do |file|
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I ended up using charlock_holmes gem which depends on the great ICU to smartly detect the correct encoding (and language). I also tried rchardet but it didn't work for me. FYI there is also Ensure-encoding but I didn't try it.

This answer helped me.

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