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I was reading the rails doc about ActionMailer and I came out with a question when I read the following code:

# Tell the UserMailer to send a welcome Email after save

the question is: are the methods declared in the ActionMailer class all static? Because the action welcome_email is called on a class.

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For all intents & purposes, I'd say the naming conventions of the functions need to remain independent to each other. If you're getting a conflict (or potential conflict), what is wrong with creating a different function name? My .02! –  Rich Peck Nov 24 '13 at 13:31

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The methods aren't really static, but ActionMailer defines a method_missing implementation that searchs its instance methods; if found, they'll call it. So, in practice, it works like static methods.


I did a little digging 'round stackoverflow and found this answer. I recommend you reading it =]

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