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i'm using ajax to get some information to my page

the information received in an array so i use for loop to append them to my html page in this way :

for i to i less than my information  i++


but i want to add a different .click event to every 'li' tag but i don't want to loop another time for this. is there any simple way to do this ?

I tried those solutions but nothing seems to work :


for i to i less than my information  i++

$('#ul').append(   $("<li>"+info[i]+"</li>").click(function(){alert(i)})    );

return the last "i" value for all of them


for i to i less than my information  i++

$('#ul').append("<li>"+info[i]+"</li>").find('li:last-child').click( function( {alert(i)} )    );

return also the last "i" value for all of them

is there any simple way to do this ?

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The following has been tested, and works as expected:

info = ["Jonathan","Sampson","Programming"];

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$.each(info, function() {
  $("<li></li>").text("...").click(function() {
    // do stuff
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at the time of click, i will be set as the last item in the loop. So you have to store the data on the li, something like this:

$('#ul').append(   $("<li>"+info[i]+"</li>").data('num',i).click(function() {alert($(this).data('num'));})    );
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The problem you are having is accessing the variable i in the callback, which is a closure.

Here's a related SO question that will help you. I think you can also use the jQuery .each() feature from the 2nd code snippet in the accepted answer:

The linked "closure" page also describes your problem exactly:

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i changed the i and alert another info and it's stick with the list li info –  laith.ar Jan 7 '10 at 2:22

try this will be better

// bind event here only once!:

    $("#parent>li").live("click", function(){
    alert( $(this).html() );        

// your data
var info = ["a", "b", "c"];

var list = [];
$.each(info, function(index, item){

$("#parent").append( list.join("") );

// you page like this(it has an id property):

<ul id="parent"></ul>
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