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I'm still a beginner in Python and after numerous Google searches and Stack Overflow searches I still can't find what I assume is a simple answer for my problem. I was trying to make a simple Python program that would take 10 values for student's names and 10 values to take in the amount of absences each student had before printing them out into a matrix. This ended up working fine, however I could only do it by using something like:

student0 = raw_input("Enter Student 1's name: ")
student0Abs = raw_input("Enter Student 1's absences: ")

when I want to do something like:

for s in range(1,11):
    students = str(raw_input("Enter student name " + str(s-1) + ": "))

So I don't have to write essentially the same line 10 times over every time I want to do something (I can't figure out how to use the above line to print all indiviual inputs and put them in a matrix). Is this possible and if so can someone please help me with a link or the solution itself? Thanks very much in advance if so!

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You can easily put it in a loop, it's not a problem:

students = []
student_abs = []
for i in range(10):
    students.append(raw_input("Enter Student %d's name: " % i+1))
    student_abs.append(raw_input("Enter Student %d's absences: " % i+1))

In your example, you're overwriting the value of students each time. Just put it in a list, and you'll be fine!

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Use a list of dictionaries:

students = []
for num in range(1, 11):
    "name": raw_input("Enter Student %i's name: " % num),
    "absences": raw_input("Enter Student %i's absences: " % num)
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That would result in a dictionary, just saying. –  aIKid Nov 24 '13 at 15:35
@aIKid A list of dictionaries. I will edit to clarify. –  Doorknob Nov 24 '13 at 15:36

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