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I am in the process of setting up a new Mac for work. I have installed Grunt & Grunt CLI globally. Then I did a npm install inside a project folder to install all dependencies.

No problems so far, but as soon as I try to run the sass:dist task, I get this warning:

Warning: You need to have Ruby and Sass installed and in your PATH for
this task to work. More info:
https://github.com/gruntjs/grunt-contrib-sass Use --force 
to continue.

What I understand is that I need to have Ruby and Sass installed on a more global level for this task to run. As I am still pretty new to working with the terminal, I did a quick search to find out what PATH is - seems like its some system path (that can be changed) where important data is stored.

Does this mean I can simply do a sudo grunt install contrib-sass -g to resolve the issue? And what about Ruby – I always thought its already installed on OS X?

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Ok I got it. I just had to install Sass using gem install sass and now everything is fine...couldn't be easier.

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sudo apt-get install ruby-compass : seems to install both on Ubuntu - Ruby wasn't installed in my case –  myol Oct 15 at 21:00

Install Ruby and Sass. Problem solved http://lawrencenaman.com/blog/sass-compass-windows/

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